Terms and Conditions Hire


Rules of Hiring 

1. You MUST wear the buoyancy that is provided to you at all times.

2. Be aware that you can’t participate in any water sport activity if you can’t swim.

3. Please be aware that you can’t participate in any watersport activities if you have had alcohol.

4. You MUST stay in the sailing area.

5. Always check the equipment before you go on the water.

6. The customer will be responsible for the craft and its care on and off the water.

7. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied whilst on the water.

8. Any accident /incident that occurs during your time of hire must be reported immediately to Balmoral Office.

9. We do not refund your money, if you come in before the agreed time of hire or if you are incapable of using the equipment safely.

10. Max of 3 adults on the Hobie cats.

11. You MUST come to the office to SignOut on departure.

12. You will beliable for any damage to the hire boat and/or boats you hit.

13. All children MUST be over the age of 5, and MUST be able to swim. 

Terms and Conditions of Hiring

1. I acknowledge that water sports activities can be dangerous, injuries are common and an ordinary occurrence of the sport, and the hirer freely assumes those risks.

2.The hirer, being the person named on this form ("the hirer ") undertakes to return the goods to Blown Away Sailing Pty                Ltd ("Balmoral Windsurfing Sailing School and hire ") on or before the time or date on this form.

3. If the hire goods are not returned by the hirer for any reason whatsoever by the time stipulated on the form the hirer shall pay to Blown Away Sailing Pty Limited an additional hire charge at the rate indicated in the school current hire charge list.

4. If the hire goods or any part thereof are damaged, lost stolen and/or not returned by the hirer to the School within the time agreed on, for any reason whatsoever, then the Hirer shall pay the then current retail market value of the hire goods or part thereof.

5. No deposit shall be refunded until the hire goods are returned and Blown Away may apply such deposit against those of the hired goods, which may be damaged.

6. The hirer herby hires the hired goods in their current condition and accepts full responsibility for the due and proper care of the hired goods.

8. No warranties express or implied or representations have been given or made to the hirer or any person on his behalf in     connection with the hire goods.

9. Students at Balmoral are regularly photographed while participating in sailing activities. These photos may be used in our website. Where a photo is used in this way, prints will be made available to you on request.

10. The hirer assumes all liability for damage incurred to any third party.

11. The hire will pay for injury, Damage, Wounds, Dents, Scratches, Harm to any Persons or Person of any sort.

12. A sucharging amount willbe indercated on the terminal at the moment of the sale 

The hirer has read and understood the above terms and conditions of hire and agrees to be bound thereby.