Rippers Windsurfing

Rippers Windsurfing Sydney Harbour for Children & Kids & Tenns








5 weeks $350






Cost:               $350     
Day:                Saturdays 1-3pm 
Age:                12 years +
Eligibillty:       Must be able to Sail/Windsurf and have your own equipment

Duration:        5 Weeks



12-18 years 


  'Rippers' is our Windsurfing program for kids and It runs for an 5 week period during term time.

Previous experience is not a requirement as we will accommodate to any level, from beginner to advanced. 

Rippers windsurfing will be primarily focused towards developing their racing skills, however we will be covering all aspects of windsurfing tuition, from slow speed skills and drills through to advanced freestyle techniques. 

Our primary emphasis is to have loads of fun in a safe learning environment.

Our location is the perfect setting for this program as we are fortunate enough to have many teaching locations within our bay. So regardless of the wind/weather condtions on the day we will be able to offer the perfect training ground for the kids.

Our instructors for this program are highly enthusiastic and experienced windsurfers themselves, with backgrounds in competitive racing, freestyle and wavesailing, your kids will be learning from the best instructors in the industry.

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If your Teenager is keen to get off the sofa and onto the water, then we can help.

We are affiliated with two Sailing Clubs here in Sydney Harbour (Balmoral Sailing Club and Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club). These Clubs offer a Junior  Sailing programs that will run throughout each summer season. They host the perfect environments for learning to sail & windsurf with coaching / tuition / racing, all with children of similar ages.

It is a great way to really get your children into the super fun and social Club Sailing environment.

For the Teens who already have windsurfing experience, they can simply sign up to the existing program with one of our junior windsuring programe.









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Junior Windsurfing Equipment



Nova 2.5 m2

Nova 3.0 m2

Nova 3.5 m2

Nova 4.0 m2

Nova 4.5 m2

Nova 5.0 m2

Nova 5.5 m2

Nova 6.0 m2 

Junior Board


Junior Board



Junior Leag Windsurfing Equipment


One Design 5.8 m2

One Design 6.8 m2

One Design 7.8 m2

One Design 8.5 m2

Bic Tecno 293 

Length  293 cm

Width 79 cm

Volume  205 L

Weight  13.0 kg







How do I enrol 

1. Go to Online Registration for windsurfing Program ( Click Here)

2. Fill in the online booking form – you can enter your payment details at this stage to ensure we can process your booking as efficiently as possible. After entering the amount and hitting the "Complete Form" button you paymnet will be processed by Secure Payment Gateway Com Bank.

 We accept Visa and MasterCard only.

3. The office will receive your enrolment details and process accordingly and email  you confirmation.



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What happens next?

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If you have provided payment details on the form we will process your booking and payment upon receipt and respond by email to advise that the activity / course has been booked.

 If we DO NOT have availability then we will respond to let you know alternative dates / or course options


Do kids need to be able to swim to participate  Windsurfing Programe?

Yes, all participants are given a PFD (life jackets) and are supervised on the water by Instructors in safety boats. Swimming is  a pre-requisite to take part in Windsurfing but we do recommend that teachers discuss any specific needs a participant might have regarding their confidence or ability to swim.

Are the kids out sailing on their own?

When kids start windsurfing they might start off in pairs. There are is  6 boards in a group and there will be an Instructor and an Assistant Instructor in a safety boat supervising the group. The safety boat stays on the water all the time the kids are sailing.

What type of boards will the kids be sailing?

The junior program is delivered on  a windsurf board called Bic sup or an inflatle windsurfer Sup ATX. Thease boards are specifically designed for the program and is an ideal introduction to windsurfing. The boards allow kids to sail and as they gain confidence and move throu the windsurfing programe untile they are able to sail alone. 

Do the kids need any special clothing to participate in Windsrfing?

•       T-shirt/Lycra Top to sail in or a long sleeve t-shirt (helps protect from the sun)
•       Hat
•       Wetsuit – we have a small selection available on a first come first served basis
•       Sunglasses - all glasses should be secured with a strap
•       Something warm i.e. jumper or sweatshirt to change into at lunchtime
•       Towel
•       Old trainers – if you want your child to wear footwear at all times – this is NOT compulsory

What are the instructor to child ratios?

There is one instructor for every 10 children. kids sail in pairs, for every six boards there is a safety boat also out on the water supervising the kids.

What qualifications do the instructors have?

Instructors hold a  Australia Sailibinf or RYA  Instructor qualification which means they have undertaken training in theory and practical of teaching sailing in small boats, completed a Level 2 First Aid course, and hold a Power Boat Handling certificate. Assistant Instructors have completed a theory and practical course and are only able to work under the supervision of an Instructor.

Working with Children

All Instructors & Assistant Instructors have Working with Children Checks in their respective States.

What safety procedures are in place?

We are accredited Australia Sailing and a Discover Sailing Centre. To obtain this accreditation we must have comprehensive safety and risk management procedures that are audited. This level of safety and risk management applies to the specific location, and  facilities, equipment, and the content of the course or session plans. you can discuss any aspect of safety and risk management with us.

What happens if the weather is bad?

What if it’s windy? What if a storm comes over? What if it’s just not a nice day to go sailing?

We can’t always predict the weather, that’s just totally out of our control! We do have a plan; kids love to get wet, so even if it’s raining, 9 times out of 10 we will still get out on the water. If it’s windy, and by windy we mean 20 knots, then we usually don’t go out into the Hunter Bay area, we may sail directly off Balmoral beach, which ensures we are always in protected waters. We might get the instructors to offer ‘joy rides’ to the kids to ensure that the kids get some on the water time in with an instructor on-board the boat with them.
And the storms? We monitor the weather forecast daily, so if there is a storm approaching, or if there is a warning in place (either strong wind, gale force, or storm warning), then it’s pretty safe to say that we won’t be going onto the water. If there is lightning around, we are guaranteed to stay off the water – in these situations we bring the learning inside and the activities begin like knot tying, and theory - at all times safety is our main priority.

Fallen Sick

What if I have enrolled my child into the program but they can’t attend because they have fallen sick?
Unfortunately we can not refund for any cancellation non-attendance at the course.

My child has completed Windsurfing at another center 

 Doesn’t matter where your child completed there courses they can still follow the pathways at any recognised sailing center.

Do you merge Windsurfing with Sailing programes?

 Occasionally we do each group will have instructor and some sessions children will be windsurfing together. 

About  Junior League


In May 2007, the Techno became an ISAF International Class for young sailors. Since then it has exp

erienced rapid expansion worldwide with new countries and sailing federations - including Yachting Australia - choosing the Techno 293 OD to assist in the development of their youth windsurfing and sailing programs.

The Techno 293 Class is devoted to fostering the development of windsurf racing for competitors under the age of 17 years old around the world through the promotion of an inexpensive racing format.

The T293 Class underpins the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) Racing Structure - supporting the senior and youth programmes of both the International Formula and International Raceboard classes.

Similarly the T293 Class forms part of the "Olympic Pathway", recognised by ISAF as the feeder class to RS:X at Olympic and Youth level.

The International Funboard Class (IFCA) supported the establishment of this "junior" class to support its development programme for slalom and speed disciplines.

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