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Tackers runs over 8 weeks during the school term, on both Saturday & Sunday's. You can join the day that suits you best!


We are now taking enrollments for  Term 1 2020 and the sessions commence on 8th Feb for 8 weeks until the 28th March. 


Tackers is a 3 step sailing program pathway that builds water and sailing confidence, with the aim to train kids to be competent sailors, where once completed, they have the opporunity to enter our Junior Sailing Program at Balmoral Sailing Club.


Each child enters the Tackers program in Tackers 1 (or little tackers if they are under 7) and moves through the Tackers pathway once they have completed the 8 weeks in each level. The progression is Little Tackers (not compulsory) to Tackers 1, Tackers 2 & Tackers coaching. Completion of each level of the program is essential to being competent to move onto the next. We never "fail" the children, they will always be permitted to progress forward at the end of each term. Our aim in Tackers is providing a safe leanring enviromnent & building water confidence!


  All Tackers are starting sailing in small boats called Optimus.  They are easy to handle & great introductory boats for kids of all ages. Our insturcutors are all RYA Dhingy Sailing qualified and have been endorsed trained in delivering the Tackers course to kids by Australia Sailing. They deliver set content over the 8 sessions & aim to have the kids at the end of the term with a sound understaning of sailing & begining racing. With the hope to enroll them into the next term to continue onto the next progressive level of Tackers to improve thier skills & furthur develop their level of sailing.


Once the sailor has reached Tackers Coaching & feels ready to take thier sailing to the next level, they can enter the Junior Sailing Program with Balmoral Sailing Club. This is not compulsory, Tackers can stay inTackers Coacing level for as long as they wish, they can repeat this group for several terms & will find they still lerning new things every session.  And we still encourage kids to progress forward as junior sailing focuses on preoaring kids for racing & competetive sailing.




The 'Optimist' Sailing boat is used for 'Little Tackers, Tackers 1+2'

The 'Laser Pico'

(or similar) is used for our 'Tackers Coaching' program.




Tackers is the Australian Sailing Program for kids aged 5  to 12

It runs every Saturday and Sunday morning from 10:00am - 12:00pm for 8 weeks during Term





Tackers Single Session

Ages 5-12yrs

Tackers Single Session is a special experience of Tackers that allows your children to sample the program before you make a decision to enrol them. It is not a pre-requisite to Little Tackers or Tackers 1 but it does give kids the chance to get out on the water and see the types of games and activities that Tackers offers.

The Tackers Single Session includes a 2 hour 1st session, the costs is $76.

Before booking this session please contact the office:

PH: 9960 5344







Little Tackers  

Ages 5 & 6 Yrs   

Little Tackers is a great introduction to the world of Water Sports and is open to kids who are 5 & 6 years old. Little Tackers sessions will include Sailing, Paddle Boarding and Kayaking, as well as some very popular beach games. The main emphasis of this program is to build water confidence and slowly introduce them to sailing whilst ensuring they are safe and having lots of fun. We will not be following a syllabus for Little Tackers as learning is purely experiential and comes as a by-product of this program. By the end of the course, we aim to get the children to a basic level of sailing. Our experience shows that this is by far the best way to teach younger children as it really helps to develop their interest in sailing, we do not want to put them off at this. Having such a large emphasis on having fun and building their water confidence will prepare the kids perfectly for our Tackers 1 program.

All equipment is provided.


Saturdays & Sundays am - 10:00am - 12:00pm in Term

8 weeks $486







Ages 7-12yrs

Tackers 1- This is the first step in our Syllabus driven sailing program for children ages 7-12yrs. They will learn how to crew and how to captain their own little sailing dinghy within the safe, sheltered waters of our bay. The children will be sailing in pairs using our Optimist boats which are great entry level dinghies. No previous experience is required as training will be delivered by one of our fully qualified sailing instructors. Tackers 1 children may well be sharing a boat with a more experienced sailor and this is something we actively encourage as it helps with peer-to-peer coaching. The children will be working towards the goal of being able to sail around a Triangular course in controlled conditions.

They will grow their water confidence, learn new skills, make new friends and most of all, have a great time on the water.



Saturdays & Sundays  - 10:00am - 12:00pm in Term 

8 weeks $486


Tackers 2

Ages 7-12yrs

Tackers 2 - This is the second stage for our young sailors and it is designed to consolidate the experience and knowledge gained in ‘Tackers 1’. New skills and knowledge are introduced that will enable the successful participant to safely and competently sail a dinghy in controlled conditions around a Triangular course.

Again, they will be sailing in pairs, often with a child of stronger or weaker ability (for the mutual benefits mentioned in Tackers 1).

At the end of our Tackers 2 course they will be ready to participate in our Tackers Coaching program.


Saturdays & Sundays  10:00am - 12:00pm During Term

8 weeks $486



Tackers Coaching

Ages 8-12yrs

Tackers Coaching -  This is our coaching program for children who are not interested in our Junior Sailing program and would simply like to continue sailing with us during each and every term. They will be sailing in the same groups as the Tackers 1&2 children with the option to move onto single handed boats when they are ready. In the meantime they will continue to develop their skills both on and off the water and occasionally they will sail with children less experienced in a bid to encourage mutual development.


Saturdays & Sundays  10:00am - 12:00pm During Term

8 weeks $486





Tackers Coupon

Ages 5-12yrs

This is a special experience of Tackers that allows your children to sample the sailing program before you make a decision about enrolling them into Little Tackers or Tackers 1. It is not a pre-requisite of joining our sailing programs but it does give kids the chance to get out on the water and see the types of games and activities that Tackers offers.


Your Gift Coupon is valid for the month of September for one session value $77

You must make a booking at least 1 week before the date of the chosen session.

Coupons are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

No credit or change will be given on the unused Coupons.

Dates: September Weekends (Sat/Sun)

Times: 10am-12pm







Proudly supported by Balmoral Sailing Club




Do the kids need any special clothing to participate in Tackers?


•       T-shirt/Lycra Top to sail in or a long sleeve t-shirt (helps protect from the sun)
•       Hat
•       Wetsuit – we have a small selection available on a first come first served basis
•       Sunglasses - all glasses should be secured with a strap
•       Something warm i.e. jumper or sweatshirt to change into at lunchtime
•       Towel
•       Old trainers – if you want your child to wear footwear at all times – this is NOT compulsory





Sunscreen, Common chemicals used in thousands of products to protect against harmful effects of ultraviolet light threaten corals and other marine life, so please choose natural sunscreen products, It's best to apply sunscreen   20-30 minutes before going outside