Paddle Surfing

Learn Paddle Surfing, Stand up paddling, on Sydney Harbour

Phone: 9960 5344




To book in for a lesson please call us on: 9960 5344







"We run lessons 7 days a week"




1 PERSON: $95


2 PEOPLE: $75 each


3-4 PEOPLE: $55 each


5+ PEOPLE: $45 each




PADDLE SURFING Or Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Surfing adds a whole new dimension to riding waves, or just exploring our great coastline.

With BIG fitness benefit, PADDLE SURFING has plenty of people (including our top surfers) learning a whole new way to play in the ocean.

PADDLE SURFING offers a major ‘all-body’ workout which is low impact and heaps of fun. So whether you want to learn to surf, rip in waves or just paddle around your favorite waterway we can help you get out on the water and into the right gear.


Getting started is easy - with the right advice and the right equipment.
We teach all levels in groups or private lessons
with both DEMO & HIRE available.


BOARD HIRE: $30 per hour





GIFT VOUCHERS also available!