Boat Scenario

Boat Scenario Balmoral Water Sports Sydney Australia


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  • Position yourself between the next mark and your opposition
  • If you can cross, cross
  • When leading, aim to make the race shorter and vice-versa
  • Keep to the right of close competition when sailing upwind and left downwind, so you have the advantage of starboard tack
  • Position to leeward in light winds
  • Position to windward in strong winds
  • Apply dirty air to other boats
  • Tack inside boats that are close to the lay line early on a beat
  • Spend your lead to keep it
  • Tack parallel to the majority of the fleet, especially when ahead
  • Break the inside overlap
  • Don’t start at the most congested part of the line
  • Don’t pass astern of boats on the tack back to the rhumb line, particularly when near the lay line
  • Give your opposition an easy path
  • Understand risk



  • Sail the long tack first
  • Sail in more wind
  • Sail the shortest path
  • Sail the lifted tack upwind and headed tack downwind