Rescue Boats

           Rescue boats filled with air and pumped up hard 

Rescue boats filled with Fuel 

Kill cord

Red Ribs Bungs tie on

Fuel Filters emptied 

Check Fuel lines

Check the engine is on boat and is tight 

Cable tied swivels to stop engine falling off

Rope throw engine to stop falling off

Paddle or oars

Anchor - chain and warp as appropriate to operating area

Abandoned boat marker

Throw line & Tow Line

Bridle secured to towing eyes

              All rope in good order, daisy chain all ropes 

           Take all rubbish out off rescue boats 

Safety Packs 

Sharp knife

First Aid kit

Spare kill cord 



Water Craft

            Bungs tied on 

            All Kayaks drained 

            All Kayaks have handles 

            Go over all Pico’s and replace ropes

            Rudders tied on Pico

            Rudders tied on Opie’s

           Tidy up Opie’s

           Go over all Hobies and replace ropes

           Loctite Glue all cats, nuts, bolts 

           Hobie tramps titan up


House Work

        Toilets up down stares cleaned

        Toilets paper stocked up

        Staff area cleaned

        All rubbish bins washed out, cleaned in and out side emptied

        Office cleaned vacuumed

        Sweep bays inside

        Sweep out side bays

        Tool cupboard cleaned

        Tables cleaned

        BBQ cleaned

        Wetsuits tidied up 


       Go over Tents / Marquees tidy up

       Go over all boats and check rescue lines 



        Radios have Vaseline on concessions

           VHF Radio working 

Reading / Study

      Learn how to tie fisherman’s knot

      Read Tackers info


    Flyers around Balmoral 

    Bottle shop 

    Coffee shop

    Sturrecks Mosman

    Windsurf snow

    The sailing Sean


    Office Hostels email list