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Discover Sailing Day Sunday 23 October 2016






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Dicover Sailing Day is Sunday 23 October 2016

 Discover Sailing Day

Discover Sailing Days are offered for FREE at many sailing clubs around Australia. They are a fantastic way to have a great day out with your partner, friends, work colleagues or family. Clubs look forward to showing you just how fun, safe, accessible, and affordable sailing is.

You’ll have the option to go out for a short sail with an experienced sailor, have a look around the club facilities, and find out about the programmes and sailing courses available. There is something for the whole family and even kids as young as five years old can sail, when accompanied by a parent or guardian. People of all abilities are welcome and some clubs offer accessible facilities for people with a disability.

Discover Sailing Days are free to attend and all boats and safety equipment is provided by the club. All you need to bring is clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting wet, sun screen and a hat. Shoes with non-marking soles are preferred.

Every club that offers Discover Sailing Days has a Discover Sailing Host, who welcomes you to the club, answers any questions, and explains the activities taking place during the Discover Sailing Day. The schedule of activities will vary from club to club, but it’s recommended you allow at least 1.5 to 2 hours if you want to get out on the water.

Contact the Discover Sailing Host at your local club to find out more details about the Discover Sailing Days they offer.


The Plan 

Weather permiting

Start   10am - 4pm     12.30 1.30 BBQ Lunch

20 minute Joy Ride on the Hobie Cats, 4 in the morning & 8 in the afternoon

Getaways allow 5 adults + 1 instructor 

Hobie Waves allows 3 adults + 1 instructor 

Joy riding and all rescue boats moving out from the beach, 20 minute joy ride

The school will operate as usual and we will hire and there will be runners and Stevo is in the office and Tackers am.

Discover sailing will be run by Jono, registrations are up stairs.


For try sailors we are offering learn to sail course for 2 hrs -  $90 they will have to pay on the day.

Try Sailing is about the Club and the School working together.

The club race on Saturdays in the afternoon 1-4pm and every one is welcome.

If there is some one you think is very interested in the Club or in learning to sail, please send them to Jana.



The plan for the day is that 4 Catamarans will go in the morning sessions, and 8 will go during the afternoon sessions. 




Am 10-1pm

PM 1-3pm

Steve-o  office

Steve-o  office


Antoine Rescue


Jana Tent


Anna Sail 


Belle Sail 


Sophie Sail 


Mitch Sail 


Emma Sail


Aidan Sail 


Jack Sail 


Lucy Sail 


Jono  rescue


Sylvie beach


Jono will put out signage the day before and clean up
•    Bouncy vest
•    BBQ food 
•    Discount sailing lesions if you book on the day
•    I pads 
•    Internet 
•    Boats 
•    Staff 
•    Rescue 
•    Info on school
•    Stamp
•    Coffee 
•    Cold drinks 
Club will supply 
•    Venue 
•    BBQ & Gas
•    Kitchen
•    Some boats on display 
•    Change rooms 
•    Helpers
•    Info on club 

Recruitment – Who are your volunteers?

It is important when planning your Discover Sailing Day to understand the various roles required to deliver a successful event. This includes recruiting volunteers with the appropriate skills and experience. Below is a list of the key roles & responsibilities: 
Discover Sailing Day Coordinator 
On water personnel (instructors or similar) 
Beach marshall (if applicable). Life jacket assistant 

Tender drivers/boarding assistants Registration/Meet & Greet 

Exit/Follow up person 

From the list of responsibilities above choosing the right person to be the Discover Sailing Day Coordinator at your club is vital to ensure that the day is a success. The Discover Sailing Day Coordinator needs to have the time to commit to Discover Sailing Day whilst having in depth knowledge of club activities. Successful clubs often allocate this position to a previous ‘Training Coordinator’ or previous ‘Commodore’. The Discover Sailing Day Coordinator should be the chairperson of the clubs Discover Sailing Day Committee to ensure responsibilities are delegated to the most appropriate club member. 

Discover Sailing Day Coordinator

Key organiser and contact for participants and Yachting NSW
Manages Discover Sailing Day Organising Committee
Sources volunteers, boats, completes relevant information requests
Organises placement of signage 
Ensures volunteers are adequately briefed and understand their role
Ensures safety standards are being met at all times
Liaises with local media as required
Ensures appropriate club membership/training information is available and promoted to all participants
Ensure suitably qualified 1st Aid personnel are available and that all volunteers know the correct procedure if a participant needs assistance

Discover Sailing Day On Water Personnel

Are most commonly boat owners that have volunteered their time or club Learn to Sail Instructors 
Best practice is to use club Learn To Sail Instructors as they are most accustomed to dealing with first timers and can communicate appropriately 
     Need to be calm and effective communicators  
     Need to provide relevant and ‘non confronting’ information to participants 
Tender Drivers/Boarding assistants
Some circumstances may require tender drivers to transfer participants from shore to boats. This cuts time delays in many situations however tender drivers need to be experienced as many Discover Sailing Day participants are not confident around boats so transferring between boats may be a challenge for some.
Life Jacket Assistant

Need to be friendly and knowledgeable in all club activities
Is usually the slowest/most time consuming part of the Discover Sailing Day process so the people in charge of allocation are crucial to providing relevant and productive information to participants
Ensures participants are provided appropriately sized lifejackets and ensures return of lifejackets at the completion of  their  day

Registration/Meet & Greet

     Are most commonly the first ‘contact point’ for participants and sailing
     When appointing the registration/help desk personnel clubs need to think ‘who could provide the best initial experience of our club to participants?’
     Ensures all participants are registered and have completed forms
     Hand out raffle tickets for boat allocation
     Advises participants on the day/process/what to do


Exit/Follow Up Person

     Collates forms/details to send to Yachting NSW
     Answers questions from participants
     Thank participants for coming
     Hands out Learn to Sail program information & club brochure/flyer
     Provides details about when the club is open
     Invites participants to come back
     Provides details about how the participant can register to crew or get involved at the club
     Provides dates of other open days or club events


hank you for registering a Discover Sailing Day at your Club this year!

Below is a media kit that aims to assist you maximise exposure within your community through direct communication and social media.  If you have any questions or require further clarification on anything please do not hesitate to contact

Accompanying the media kit below are supporting attachments that will assist in the lead up, during and after your Discover Sailing Day.   Please do not hesitate to let us know if something is unclear or details need changing, we are here to help and to assist in making your Club Discover Sailing Day a success J

We would LOVE to feature your Club Discover Sailing Day too so, if you have time, please answer the five questions below and send through the ultimate fun sailing photo taken your club so we can feature your Club on social media.


  1. How many years has your Club been hosting a Discover Sailing Day? Or is this your first?


  1. What is the best thing about sailing at your Club? (on and off the water examples)


  1. Who is the Discover Sailing expert at your Club and why?


  1. Does your Club coordinate any major events? (please list)


  1. You have a maximum of 25 words to convince someone to sign up and sail at your club … GO!


Discover Sailing Day Media Kit


*    Centre Specific Social Media Tile (Example Attached) – if you email back your club logo (high resolution) I can send you a club specific one with a different date if necessary.

*    Generic Media Release (Template Attached – Discover Sailing Day Club Template Release)

*    Discover Sailing Style Guide (Attached)

*    Online Discover Sailing Resources – CLICK HERE

*    Create your own Discover Sailing Day Event on Facebook – FACEBOOK Event Instructions


*    Photograph and tag @DiscoverSailingAUS on Facebook with YOUR Discover Sailing Day updates and image galleries

*    Use hashtag #DiscoverSailing across all social media so we can check out your images, share them through Australian Sailing Networks and create a database of images for your Club

*    Tag your local community media outlets and important community figures (MPs/Councillors etc) in activities to show your Club engaging with the community


*    Add an image gallery to your website and social media titled ‘Discover Sailing Day 2016’ – make sure you tag @DiscoverSailingAUS and we will share on our socials.

*    Follow up article and images to local media – publish on your website and socials (Template Attached – Discover Sailing Day Success)


*    Encourage any members who have taken part in any Discover Sailing Days to share their experience and feature them on social media with an image of them sailing along with ‘We enjoy sailing because…’

*    Continue to use the hashtag #DiscoverSailing

*    Continue to tag @DiscoverSailingAUS on Facebook and Twitter (if applicable)


Again, if you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to ask.

Also attached is the Australian Sailing logo should you need to update any existing collateral.

Kind Regards



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