Try it:              1st session is free 15th Feb 2018, 8 weeks total
Cost:               $445 
Day:                Thurs 4-6pm 
Age:                12 years up 
Eligibilty:       Must be able to Sail/Windsurf and have your own equipment 






Coaching sessions down here at Balmoral, aimed at training kids in windsurfing and sailing. The coaching will be primarily aimed at racing, but will explore other disciplines.

We want to encourage kids to go further in watersports, and make this a lifelong hobby or even a potential lifestyle. We will impart all the knowledge and skills needed to be a competent sailor/windsurfer, racing at club level. They will be trained by highly qualified and well recognised coaches, who have been in the industry for nearly 15 years.


Every one will need to have their own equipment this because part of the coaching is aimed at teaching the kids how to use the boats & boards to it's full potential, therefore it's good to have them sailing on the same rig/a rig-boat they are used too. This is a advanced course, something that you won’t find very much around Balmoral. The sailors are guaranteed to have a great time and greatly improve their skills.


We will be running coaching sessions once a week for 2. hours on the water. For more about dates, prices etc, email



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