Teens Sailing in term

Fast Track Sailing Course for Teens Ages 13+

4hr session $310



If your Teenager is keen to get off the sofa and onto the water, then we can help.

We are affiliated with two Sailing Clubs here in Sydney Harbour (Balmoral Sailing Club and Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club). These Clubs offer a Teens Sailing program that will run throughout each summer season. They host the perfect environments for learning to sail with coaching/tuition/racing, all with children of similar ages. It is a great way to really get your children into the super fun and social Club Sailing environment.

For the Teens who have never sailed before, they will need to register for our 4 Hour Fast Track course which will bring them up to speed so they are ready to join the main program.

For the Teens who already have sailing experience, they can simply sign up to the existing program with one of our affiliated clubs.

To book in for the 4 Hour Fast track course, please call our team on: 

Ph: 9960 5344    or     Email: info@sailingschool.com.au


  Training Centre





  • Experience the exhilaration of sailing multi-hull's and single-handers

  • Boost decision-making skills and gain independence

  • A hands-on practical activity

  • Develop wind awareness

  • Great exercise

  • Build personal confidence through learning new skills

  • Make lots of new friends



Sailing program for kids and Teens aged 13+ – It’s fun and safe!


Our Teens dinghy sailing lessons and race training lessons are an excellent opportunity for kids to learn & improve upon their sailing skills & techniques. This would be the perfect next step for kids who enjoyed our School Holiday Activity Program or have attended previous lessons. This training follows a more structured learning program which allows the kids to progress in their sailing skills both on and off the water. The program follows the Yachting Australia 'get into small boat sailing' scheme.

Thanks to modern technology, this exhilarating sport is accessible and easy to learn. With our high-performance dinghies, more sedate training craft and some of the best instructors in the business, Balmoral Sailing School can manage your progression from entry level right through to advanced skills. Students can achieve nationally recognised awards.


Whats next  

We will ourganise crewing for your child after their Fast Track Course



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 The Fleet





Laser Pico


This is the ideal craft for teaching beginners and to practice and advance your sailing skills. The boat is designed with simplicity in mind to allow maximum ease of use. It has a simple reefing option, allowing you to take this boat out in a large range of wind conditions. When you see beginners who have only sailed for a matter of hours sailing single-handed in a big breeze with a big smile, then you will know they are in a very special boat.
The best small boat around - with its combination of a spacious self draining cockpit and a high boom the Pico has stacks of room aboard for children or a couple of adults.

 Pico has a personality to match. Beginners will immediately feel at ease with this boat. But don't be surprised to find top sailors having fun aboard."
Ben Ainslie, 2000, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist.

The boat also benefits from the unique reef system that can be operated when afloat. The mainsail simply furls around the mast – simple as that! There are no knots to tie.

Capacity:   1 adult / 1 adult and 1 child / 3 children



Hobie Getaway



Hobie Wave

These boats are a legendry. 
Instructors can take children out with them and whilst on board children can experience strong winds in a safe environment.