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Here is a taster of what the kids get up to on our Mulit-Activity Program.......



Our Kids Camp Multy-Activity Program takes place during the school holidays. It is incredibly popular and so we always recommend booking early to avoid dissapointment. The activities include Sailing, Windsurfing, Paddleboarding and Kayaking with a major emphasis on having fun!!

Session times are Monday - Friday. Drop off between 9:00AM - 9:30AM and Pick up Between 3:00PM - 3:30PM

"It's a great way to introduce your children to the water sports environment cool"


Price Information  PER CHILD

(note that the multi day discount applies per child per booking)

  • 1 Day : AUD$175

  • 2 Days: AUD$275

  • 3 Days: AUD$350

  • 4 Days: AUD$425

  • 5 Days: AUD$495

  • 6 Days: AUD$565

  • 7 Days: AUD$635

  • 8 Days: AUD$705

  • 9 Days: AUD$775

  • 10 Days: AUD$845





SEPTEMBER: 25th - 29th

OCTOBER: 2nd - 6th

DECEMBER: 4th-8th, 11th-15th, 18th-22rd,  26th-29th



JANUARY: 2nd-5th, 8th-12th, 15th-19th, 22rd-26th

APRIL: 9th-13th, 15th-20th


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Packed with activities combining fun and adventure on water and land. Children will experience the thrills of dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, stand up paddling on the water, combined with team challenges and treasure hunts on land.


At Balmoral Sailing School we want the kids to come down and enjoy themselves, not be bored and most importantly, return home with a sense of achievement. We work hard to ensure that every child is happy, learns new watersports and skills, makes new friends and has lots and lots of fun all the time in a safe and secure environment. Having met our friendly team, knowing our equipment and being happy out on the water and ready to learn more, multi-activity camp is designed to be a stepping stone towards structured learning. Who knows they may just find a healthy hobby that they love and one day might become watersports instructors themselves!


The kids are divided into age groups, all activities & equipment is suitable  for their ages.

5,6 year olds will join the Sea Urchins

7,8,9 year olds will be the Pirates

10,11,12 year olds in the Hot Shots

13-17 year olds into the Too Cool


Teens have the opportunity to progress in their sailing skills and follow our sailing Pathways (which you can find on the website). In one full week with us your child has the oppourtunity to gain one of the Pathway Stages from our sailing scheme which normally is a 7 week program. Please note this is at the instructor’s discression as it depends on sailing skills and management. If you have already completed some Squad Sailing with us this would be the perfect opportunity to get your child up to the next level in our sailing scheme. To be able to get a certificate at the end of a multi activity week your child has to attend the full week. It is possible to attend a couple of days a week as well but you won’t be able to get a certificate from our pathways scheme. Another option would be to enroll into a customised package, this would involve 2-6hrs over a few days of your choice. Contact us for more info. 

We are a Yachting Australia registered school and as such we adhere to strict safety guidelines and ratios. Buoyancy aids are provided and MUST be worn for all activities on or near the water. We also do a roll call at the beginning of the day, lunch time and end of the day. Safety cover is provided on the water at all times, all instructors carry VHF radios and are in constant contact with each other, the beach manager, and the office. We are proud of the level of safety within the sailing school but never complacent. We are inspected regularly by external authorities.


The schools biggest asset is its staff. As well as possessing a high level of qualifications across multiple disciplines, you will find polite, efficient, professional and enthusiastic staff at all times who are all keen to have fun out on the water.

Balmorals fleet of dinghies, windsurfers, kayaks and paddle surf boards, hav been carefully selected to maximize the enjoyment of learning new skills in a safe controlled environment. We have equipment that is specifically designed for kids to make learning easier. This includes junior windsurf rigs and cut down topper sails.


All courses are subject to Balmoral sailing school terms & conditions. Online Booking forms must be completed prior to any booking confirmation.
You may book for the entire week or for a few days at a time.
Total number of days booked must be taken in the same week.
No experience of watersports is required.
All Prices includes GST


 You can book any 10 sessions in the holiday period that you want.

Fill in the online booking form – you can enter your payment details at this stage to ensure we can process your booking as efficiently as possible.

Combank Secure Payment Gateway.

 After entering the amount and hitting the "Complete Form" button your paymnet will be redirected to our Combank Secure Payment Gateway.

The office will receive your enrolment details and process accordingly and email you confirmation.

Total number of days booked must be in the same holiday period.

What happens next?

We will let you know as soon as possible whether the activity / course you requested is available and you have secured a place on the activity / course. Availability should not be assumed.

If you have provided payment details on the form we will process your booking and payment upon receipt and respond by email to advise that the activity / course has been booked.

If we DO NOT have availability then we will respond to let you know alternative dates / or course options.



What age group does Multi- Activity Program cater for?

The youngest we can take is 5 and the oldest is 17. For the teenagers, we have separate activities and Our Teens’ Too-Cool-program, is taught by our most fun & qualified instructors. The older kids focus is on sailing, windsurfing and stand up paddle surfing.

Does my child have to be able to swim?

Yes your child has to be able to swim. It doesn’t matter how good their swimming ability is, but there have to be able to stay afloat without any swimming aid, meaning non swimmers are not able to participate in any water sport activity.

How are the groups organised?
The kids are split up into 4 groups according to age. If you know some of your friends are coming to Multi Activity Program we ask that you mention this and the exact dates when you enrol in the program, this way we know to put them into the same group. If you are travelling solo, and don’t know anyone that’s coming, that’s ok the kids will soon make new friends within their age group.
Are the kids always supervised?
Absolutely! There are always plenty of Instructors around to ensure everyone is supervised at all times, no one is left unattended at any time. We have a buddy system in place for when they need a loo break. We also operate a sign in and sign off sheet to ensure we know where everyone is.


We recommend you to bring the following:

• Board shorts and rash/lycra tops are popular to wear over the swimming costumes.
• If the kids already have any watersports kit i.e. wetsuits, buoyancy aids, they are welcome to bring them along, just  make sure that you name them to avoid confusion!
• Long sleeve tops have the added bonus of sun protection
• Bring a plastic bag to put the wet gear in for the trip home.
• Good packed lunch and a snack for morning and afternoon tea
• Warm clothing to change into
• Sun hat for protection.
• High Factor Sun cream/sun block
• Sun glasses – MUST be fitted with a secure strap
• Water bottle – we can then refill with water if necessary throughout the day
• A spray jacket is recommended for wearing over your wetsuit in Spring Autumn sailing programs
• Logbooks if you have any
• Please note that space area is limited, and we advise you to keep your bags to a minimum

What if it rains?
What if it’s windy? What if a storm comes over? What if it’s just not a nice day to go sailing?
We can’t always predict the weather, that’s just totally out of our control! We do have a plan; kids love to get wet, so even if it’s raining, 9 times out of 10 we will still get out on the water. If it’s windy, and by windy we mean 20 knots or above, then we usually don’t go out into the Hunter Bay area, we may sail directly off Balmoral beach, as it ensures we are always in protected waters. We might get the instructors to offer ‘joy rides’ to the kids to ensure that the kids get some time on the water with an instructor on-board the boat with them.
And the storms? We monitor the weather forecast daily, so if there is a storm approaching, or if there is a warning in place (either strong wind, gale force, or storm warning), then it’s pretty safe to say that we won’t be going onto the water. If there is lightning, we are guaranteed to stay off the water – in these situations we bring the learning inside where activities including knot tying and theory will be taught- at all times safety is our main priority.
What if I have enrolled my child into Multi Activity Program but they can’t attend because they have fallen sick?
Unfortunately we can not refund for any cancellation non-attendance at the course.


What equipment is available?
Balmoral Sailing School can provide you with a wetsuit and buoyancy aid to wear out on the water. Depending on the course, age and ability,  equipment including; Laser Picos and Hobie Waves. We have a full range of kayaks and stand up paddle equipment. Our windsurfing fleet has a section for the kids with short boards and small rigs designed specially for them.


How long is a day?
The day starts at 9.30am when your child will briefed on the day’s activities including a safety chat, they will have been issued with a buoyancy aid which will be inspected by the instructors. The kids will then be split into their groups and instructors allocated, then it’s straight onto the water for some fun. Generally we try to run 2 activities in the morning with a break for morning tea and hydration. Lunch is usually about 1pm for an hour. This is followed by 1 activity in the afternoon. The kids are off the water and ready for a pick up from 3-3.30pm.


Food and Hydration
Please make sure that kids are well-fed & hydrated, particularly as they will be very active during the week. We offer regular hydration breaks throughout the day to help keep their intake of liquids up. At home kids should be managed for hydration other wise they will be too tired for the next day of activities.



Lunch Permission (12yrs & over ) 

The older kids are allowed off site to go up to the cafes at Balmoral Beach. You MUST sign a waiver form at the office before they are allowed off site. They WILL NOT be supervised by our staff BUT MUST sign out at the office and back in again. How much to bring? A regular question and a difficult one to answer, there is a shop at which they can buy sweets and snacks, e.g hot chips for lunch. In our experience that’s what they buy, $10 per person, which should be sufficient.

The pupil’s kit list advises kids to bring sun cream and sun block. It is recommended that you bring a higher factor sun cream than they usually use, because they will be tanned by direct sunlight, reflected sunlight and wind-burn. Whilst we make every effort to bring the kids in for a morning tea break and lunch stop and we will do our best to make sure they reapply PLEASE brief your kids to reapply and be aware that they are out in the sun – a long sleeve rash vest does help provide some additional protection. Wear a hat and get a clip to tie it onto the buoyancy aid.

Instructor Ratios
As a registered Sailing School we operate within instructor ratios out on the water. The ratio is between 1:6 and 1:8 depending on the age group. This ratio is well below the minimum guidelines laid down. The number of instructors also includes our Senior Instructor who is not allocated to a specific group but is located on the beach at all times supervising the team.
Please be aware that the younger age group of 5 and 6 years olds are NEVER allowed out on the water on their own in a boat – they always have an instructor ‘joy riding’ them around. Other kids will be in the boats with others in their groups – instructors may be in some boats but also alongside in rescue boats.
Safety whilst out on the water.
Normal Sailing School policy is adhered to and as soon as anyone is out on the water a safety boat is launched. All the instructors carry VHF radios to communicate with each other and our base station located in the office.
Accidents can and do happen but we our proud of our safety record and take appropriate steps to avoid any incidents. We regularly undertake risk assessments at the school and all staff


Child protection
At Balmoral Sailing School we are committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children are maintained at all times during their participation in activities run by Balmoral Sailing School and its member bodies. Balmoral Sailing School aims to promote a safe environment for all children and to assist all staff, officials, coaches, members and volunteers to recognise child abuse and neglect and follow the appropriate notification procedures when reporting alleged abuse.
The focus of the policy and guidelines is the prevention of child abuse in the sporting environment.
This policy and guidelines promote the care and protection of children participating in Balmoral Sailing School and provide information and direction for employees, official, coaches, volunteers and members of the organisation.
This policy and guidelines will assist Balmoral Sailing School in establishing coordinated strategies for dealing with the problem of child abuse and neglect in a responsible, effective and consistent manner.


How to get to Balmoral Beach
For GPS, Tom Tom users, please use this address: Cross Street between Plunkett Street and Esplanade, Mosman 2088. Balmoral Sailing School is located at the end of the car park. For bus routes please check our website for details.


Car Parking
We do not have a car park on site, however there is a pay and display car park next to the Sailing School. There is also free parking around the streets of Balmoral Beach. The car park is avaliable from 7am – 8pm everyday including public holidays, and costs: 
Min 2 hours - $6 2-3 hours - $9 3-4 hours - $13 4 hours of more - $16
There is also a Free Bus Hail-and-ride around the Balmoral Beach area.
The Mosman Rider provides a safe, friendly and convenient travel alternative for residents and visitors to hightail it around Mosman. Hail the bus anywhere along its route.


Experience and Intro: our sailing lessons all begin with an introduction session in which we introduce students to the different elements of the boat, how to rig and de-rig sails and an explanation of steering and capsize manoeuvres. Often we engage kids in a little paddle race while the boat- boards is still de rigged (without sail) to get them used to the balance and the steering. This is generally done in the form of team relay races which include rigging, de rigging, paddling and games around the boat- boards. Once we feel the group is ready, we head out on the water to let them do their first exciting turns (tack) while sailing, windsurfing is held just off the beach until students are more confident.
Adventure:  We have a variety of different sailing craft from small boats to larger style (4-5 person) catamarans. Once everyone feels confident with the boats we love to take them on little trips around the harbour, land on Castle Rock, have a swim and end the sailing day with a race around a course to practice their skills.
Feel happy and learn: just to name a few of the techniques and skills your kids will learn, we will teach them how to tack and gibe, how to sail upwind and downwind, apply the 5 sailing essentials, understand weather and tides, tie different knots necessary for sailing and the importance of communicating with the crew and helm on the boat to keep it safe at all times.


Paddle boarding- Kayaking 

Experience and Intro: To get used to the balance and the size of the board or kayak, we offer a variety of balance games mostly in teams of 2 or 3. Here students will experience different surfing paddling positions, races and ball games to increase their confidence on the board and get them accustomed to their new environment.
Adventure: maybe there are some little waves around the corner. Have you ever been to Edwards’s beach? We will take the group on a trip around rocky point.