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"We don't just teach you how to sail, we teach you to be a sailor"




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1 HOUR SAILING LESSON: This is your chance to 'dip your toe in the water' and try sailing. In this short intro to sailing you will learn the basic parts of the boat and experience sailing for the first time for yourself in a single handed boat. An ideal lesson for anyone who simply wants to try sailing.


Areas Covered: Basic intro to sailing


Length:  1 Hour 


Times:  Anytime (please call)


1 Person: $135


People: $115 each


3 People: $95 each


*Please note, multi-lesson discount applies when booking at the same time.




2 HOUR SAILING LESSON: This is our most popular option. If you're really wanting to learn how to Sail then we recommend the 2 Hour lesson. Your lesson will cover rigging and setup, on the water basics as well as relevant theory.

If you have already had a lesson with us, then you can simply book in for another 2 Hour lesson to expand your skills.


 Areas Covered: Anything from basic intro to advanced skills


Length:  2hrs  


Times10am -12pm or 1-3pm

1 Person: $180

2 People: $160 each

3 People: $140each

4 People: $120 each

5 People: $100 each

6 People: $90 each 

*Please note, multi-lesson discount applies when booking at the same time.



2 Hour learn to Sail with a friend: If you like to idea of learning to sail with a friend in the same boat, then this is the option for you. The lesson will run like a typical 2 hour sailing lesson, only this time you will be in the same boat. You will either be in our Crew Boat (Pic) the Topaz Magno or One of our Hobie Cats.




Areas Covered: Anything from basic intro to advanced skills


Length:  2hrs  


Times:  10am -12pm or 1-3pm

2 People: $230




















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Your First Sail



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