Learn to Windsurf on Sydney Harbour

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"We don't just teach you how to windsurf, we teach you to be a windsurfer"



To book any of our lesson options please call us on: 9960 5344




"Balmoral is a fantastic loaction for Windsurfing!"



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1 HOUR WINDSURFING COURSE: This is your chance to 'dip your toe in the water' and try windsurfing. In this short intro to windsurfing you will learn the basic parts of the board and experience windsurfing for the first time for yourself on your own board. An ideal lesson for anyone who simply wants to try winndsurfing.



Length: 1hr

Times:  Anytime between 9:00am - 4:00pm

1 Person: $135

2 People:  $115 each

3 People: $95  each


*Please note, multi-lesson discount applies when booking at the same time.





2 HOUR WINDSURFING LESSON: This  is our most popular course and If you're really wanting to learn how to windsurf then we recommend the 2 Hour lesson. Your lesson will cover equipment intro and setup, on the water basics as well as relevant theory.

If you have already had a lesson with us, then you can simply book in for another 2 Hour lesson to expand your skills.

Areas Covered: Anything from basic intro to advanced skills

Length:  2hrs 

Times:  10:00am -12:00pm  or 1:00pm-3:00pm



 1 Person: $180

2 People: $160 each

3 People: $140each

4 People: $120 each

5 People: $100 each

6 People: $90 each 

*Please note, multi-lesson discount applies when booking at the same time.












We have been renting our equipment and teaching people to windsurf, sail and kayak since 1989. Balmoral Water Sports Center is owned and operated by people who are passionate and knowledgeable about watersports.

"Check out these videos below for some top tips and to help you get ready for your first lesson, we look forward to getting you on the water"




Down Wind Gybing

Techno Tacking


Techno Gybing

Techno Up Wind 


Fast Tack

Fast Tack

2 Mastering the Harness

How to improve your stance & use the harness


Learn to use the Foostraps & get Planing

Intermediate Windsurfing- The Footstraps

How to Beach start

How to WaterStart

Rigging & Tuning a Sail

How to sail Switch Stance



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 Windsurfing learn Fast tack light winds  
 Windsurfing learn Non-planing carve gybe/carve gybe  
 Windsurfing learn Duck gybe light winds  
 Windsurfing learn Backwind gybe light winds  
Windsurfing learn Backwinded sailing light winds  
 Windsurfing learn Heli-tack light winds  
 Windsurfing learn rotate rig360 light winds  
 Windsurfing learn Clew first sailing light winds  
 Windsurfing learn water start  
 Windsurf Jaws  
 Windsurfing learn