Nut Free Policy Balmoral Water Sports Center Sydney Australia

Sourced: Childcare Act and Regulations 2000
Background: The nut free policy is put into place because as a centre we take responsibility for the health and well being of our children, staff, families and visiting community.
Aim: To protect the children in our care who may have allergies to peanuts and similar nut products.
Rationale: No person should be placed in a situation and/or environment that may endanger their life, therefore it is Balmoral Sailing School’s role to notify and educate staff and parents about the dangers that peanuts and other nut products may inflict on those who may suffer from these products.
- Staff will be educated about the dangers that can be associated with peanuts and similar nut products to children & adults with severe allergies.
- Parents of children who have known allergy to nuts / peanuts should consult the school prior to enrolment with regard to the severity of the childʼs allergy, the symptoms and the emergency procedures to be followed in case of an allergic reaction.
- The centre will provide information on the notice board about the Nut Free Policy and the reason the centre enforces this policy.
- Products such as peanut butter, Nutella, nut food bars and any other products that have nuts or peanuts listed in the ingredients will not be allowed within the centre to prevent allergies arising and to protect any children or staff that may suffer from these allergies – this does not include products that contain the warning “may contain traces of nuts”.